Peter Ellmore

During my 20 years of experience as a Director of Photography, I have developed an extensive and thorough knowledge of equipment and techniques and applied these to a wide and varied array of productions. My shooting experience includes: numerous digital and film cameras, operating, motion control, highspeed, stop motion, timelapse, miniatures, macro, black and white, pyrotechnics, prosthetics, puppetry, animals, children, food, packshots, liquids, beauty, green/bluescreen and VFX.

My work is often extremely technical, drawing on my experience and solid background in the photography of special effects including stop-motion, compositing and use of motion control. I have been involved with projects that utilise a combination of many shooting techniques where a full understanding of all processes and post production work-flow is essential.

Growing up in Gloucestershire, my interest in photography developed from an early age. The landscapes and wildlife of the surrounding Cotswolds was an inspiration to explore with my camera. From these initial forays experimenting with film stocks and processing, I began my understanding of photography.

I moved to London to join the BBC where I took every opportunity to experience film productions and gain on-set experience. I also benefited from some valuable tuition from the highly regarded Film Department at Ealing Studios before it closed its doors.

Later, I attended Film School and left with a Degree and graduation films that demonstrated a wide range of cinematic abilities. I was fortunate enough to start work immediately after finishing and began several stop-motion TV series and specials. The technical and artistic nature of these projects where precision and planning are essential, are invaluable qualities to bring to any film set.

The challenges of in-camera effects, multiple exposures and operating motion control rigs all added to the complexity of the jobs, but I benefitted from this experience and for today’s digital capture, where a comprehensive understanding of special effects and post production is required, this background is invaluable.

Notable films I have shot to date include the multi award winning and BAFTA nominated ‘Dad’s Dead’ (dir: Chris Shepherd) and the psychological thriller ‘Puritan’ (dir: Hadi Hajaig) which received much praise for its cinematography and prompted the internationally renowned film reporter Alan Jones to comment “Peter Ellmore’s shadowy photography gives a sumptuous high gloss brilliance. Puritan has one of the best and most captivating looks to be seen in current genre cinema”. High praise indeed!

I regard myself as a very adaptable cameraman and am confident that my abilities can be applied across genres. My body of work encompasses feature films, short films, documentaries and over 100 commercials. I have a comprehensive knowledge of film and digital cameras in many formats and from shooting time-lapse to high-speed. My photographic experience also includes shooting large format film and digital stills for books and national bill board poster campaigns.

I very much enjoy challenging projects and creative collaborations with crew and directors. It is especially rewarding to overcome technical challenges in order to achieve the best photographic and artistic solution to complement the director’s vision.


Commercials and Content

The Entertainer ‘Magic Penny’ Watchable Dir: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Telia ‘Drones’ Animasjonsdept Dir: Lucas Zanotto
Akbank ‘Mobile Banking’ Anima Istanbul Dir: Yigit Hepsev
Jamie Oliver ‘Ingredients for Change’ Salt TV Dir: John Bentham
McDonalds ‘Greek Weeks’ Martini Shot Dir: John Bentham
Tupperware ‘Radiating Confidence’ Pulse Film Dir: John Bentham
DEC ‘Chain Reaction’ The Distillery Dir: Craig Heathcote
Priestman Goode ‘Airbus’ Spectrecom Dir: Matt Farman
Daily Mail ‘Promotions’ x3 Shield Dir: Harry Dwyer
Burger Craft ‘Burger Craft’ Pulse Film Dir: John Bentham
Actimel ‘Kids’ Pebble Studios Dir: David Luepschen
David Morris ‘Royal Academy’ Contented Brothers Dir: John Bentham
Huawei ‘Carrera’ Framestore Dir: Anthony Gibbs
National Theatre ‘Evening at the Talk House’ Dark Energy Dir: John Bentham
Euro 2016 ‘Title Sequence’ Liquid Dir: Tim Varlow
Sue Ryder ‘Community Support’ Casual Films Dir: George Shelbourn
Martini ‘Desire’ Spicer & Moore Dir: Will Spicer
Nespresso ’Recycling’ Spicer & Moore Dir: Will Spicer
Pizza Hut ‘Super Six’ Point Blank Dir: Nick Jones
McDonalds ‘Fry Futbol’ Framestore Dir: Jon Riche
Florette ‘Chilli’ Th1ng Dir: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Habitat ‘This is our Habitat’ Ever After Dir: Steve Lucker
B&Q ‘Unleash Packshots’ Itch Film Dir: Peter Ellmore
Dorirtos ‘Destruction’ Th1ng Dir: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Tropicana ‘Resolution Rescue’ Not to Scale Dir: Simon Robson
Penhaligons ‘The Spirit of the Ballet’ Good Egg Dir: Chris Sweeney
Misys ‘Capital Markets Fusion’ Th1ng Dir: Shay
Synexus ‘Asthma’ Th1ng Dir: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Brecon Carreg ‘Heart’ Hotspur & Argyle Dir: Richard Swarbrick
Milka ‘Choc Twist’ 2AM Dir: Harold
Halfords ‘Christmas Bikes’ Not to Scale Dir: Steve Scott
Iceland ‘Pure Imagination’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Lactofree ‘Listen up Hedgehogs’ Stink Dir: Paul King
Sky Movies ‘Summer Lament’ Moxie Pictures Dir: Big Red Button
Starbucks ‘Name on a Cup’ Partizan Dir: Hoku & Adam
Netflix ‘Hamster’ & ‘Beaver’ Nexus Dir: Smith & Foulkes
Seriously Strong ‘Kitchen Overflow’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Sun ‘Rollercoaster’ & ‘Grandma’ Tandem Films Dir: Daniel Greaves
Covent Garden Soup ‘Wholesome’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Velvet ‘Topia’ Partizan Dir: Geoffroy De Crecy
Cadbury ‘Screme Egg’ Th1ng Dir: Tom,Dick and Harry
Lulu Guiness ‘The World is Your Oyster’ Blink Ink Dir: Vicky Mather
Nationwide ‘Carousel’ (Elements) Partizan Dir: Eric Lynne
Tempo ‘As Life Unfolds’ Th1ng Dir: Vida Vega
Rice Krispies ‘Multi Grain Shapes’ Th1ng Dir: Tom,Dick and Harry
Avonmore ‘Cream Weather Stings’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Vitra ‘Tip Ton Chair’ Nexus Dir: Johnny Kelly
Innocent ‘Veg Pots’ Independent Films Dir: Daniel Levi
First Direct ‘Nicely Arranged Shelves’ Th1ng Dir: Tom,Dick and Harry
Domestos ‘Face-Off’ Uli Meyer Studios Dir: Uli Meyer
Samsung ‘Jet Phone Packshot’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Aldi ‘Easter Fruit&Veg’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Samsung ‘Columbus View Packshot’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Hellmann’s ‘Party Sauces’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Specsavers ‘ITV Weather Idents’ Creation Company Dir: Mark Waring
Debenhams ‘Gift’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Sony PSP ‘Little Big Planet’ Slinky Pictures Dir: Rebecca Manley
Aldi ‘Chopped’,Fruit&Veg’ x4’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Sainsbury’s ‘Mince’ ‘Hide’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Kettle Chips ‘Simple is Better’ Th1ng Dir: Daniel Cohen
Guardian ‘Secret Britain’ Tandem Films Dir: Tony Mines
Specsavers ‘Thunderbirds’ Tandem Films Dir: Tobias Fouracre
Lynx ‘Instinct’ Passion Pictures Dir: Mike Mort
Pizza Hut ‘Happy Ending’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Anchor ‘Great Escape’ Tandem Films Dir: Tony Mines
Nescafe ‘Condensation’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Becel ‘Boxing Ring’ Nexus Dir: RBG6
National Express ‘Miniature Prices’ x6 Passion Pictures Dir: Darren Walsh
Food Standards ‘Germ Watch’ Slinky Pictures Dir: Chris Shepherd
Pizza Hut ‘Happy Ending’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Starbucks ‘Chocolate’ Slinky Pictures Dir: Rebecca Manley
Tesco ‘Cutting Edge’ Rokkit Dir: Zeitgeist
ING Bank ‘Magic Card’ Joyrider Dir: Mike Mort
Halifax ‘Fish’ ‘Bags’ Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
MTV ‘Words By & Worn By’ Harriman Steel Dir: Jason Bold
Aldi ‘Day&Night’ ‘Fruit&Veg’ x3 Itch Film Dir: Charlie Paul
Guardian ‘Tool Run’ Tandem Films Dir: Tobias Fouracre
7-Eleven ‘Sandwich’ Trunk Dir: Steve Smith
Ribena ‘Grease Idents’ Tandem Films Dir: Mark Waring

Short Films

Johnno’s Dead (Ian Hart) Autour de Minuit/Polkadot Dir: Chris Shepherd
A Mountain to Climb Independent Dir: Rebecca Manley
Table Manners Indy 8 Dir: Rebecca Manley
Being Bradford Dillman Loose Moose Dir: Emma Burch
The Gate Joyrider Dir: Matt Westrup Prod: Spencer Friend
Le fiamme di Nule Nexus Dir: Carolina Melis Prod: Liz Chan
Lover (Ian Targett, Marise Alvarez) Cinergy Films Dir: Aldo Paternostro
Mental Notes (David Richter, Nick Ewans) Punchdrunk Dir: Carey Williams
Tree (Beth Winslet, Clive Brunt) Fujifilm Shorts finalist Slinky Pictures Dir: Phil Dale Prod: Liz Chan
Silence (Io Bottoms, James McCartney) Cinergy Films Dir: Aldo Paternostro
Deadly Tantrum Immortal Pictures Dir: Mike Mort
Collapsed (Jonnie Hurn, Katie Pattinson) Sixth Floor Films Dir: Elliot Kew Prod: Mark Borrelli
Silence is Golden (VFX DoP) (Andrew Dunford, Conor Morris) Slinky Pictures Dir: Chris Shepherd Prod: Maria Manton
Sea Change Jerwood Moving Image Award Slinky Pictures Dir: Rosie Pedlow Dir: Joe King
The Unsteady Chough (Terry Jones) Suetonius Productions Dir: Sam Leifer Dir: Jonathan Van Tulleken
Dad’s Dead (Ian Hart) BAA Winner, BAFTA Nominated Slinky Pictures Dir: Chris Shepherd Prod: Maria Manton
Nailbiter (Eamon Geoghegan, Georgia Fitch) Sky Rock Studios Dir: Elliot Kew

Feature Films

Puritan Parliament Films Dir: Hadi Hajaig
The Late Twentieth Timeless Pictures Dir: Hadi Hajaig